Parking FAQs

1Where can I park at Waverly?
Parking is available in multiple areas via the 800-space Parking Deck behind Pet People / Hilton Garden Inn, on street parking, in front of Whole Foods and next to Yama and Viva Chicken.
2Is there a Parking Deck at Waverly?
The Parking Deck is located behind Pet People / Hilton Garden Inn and is free for Waverly guests. The Parking Deck offers bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging stations.
3Does Waverly offer Valet Parking?
Valet parking is offered daily for guests dining at The Porter’s House and Via Roma. The valet stand is located outside of The Porter’s House.
4Where can I charge my Electric Vehicle at Waverly?
Charging stations are located outside Whole Foods and in the Parking Deck (located behind Pet People / Hilton Garden Inn.)
5Where are the designated handicapped parking spaces at Waverly?
Designated spots can be found throughout the center and in the Parking Deck.
6Is there parking designated for quick pick-ups and short-term parking?
Yes, the parking spots along The Terrace on Waverly Walk are designated as 15-minute parking during the day. There are also spots outside Chuy’s, Carolina Ale House and Viva Chicken for easy access.
7Why is the road blocked off in front of the Hilton Garden Inn?
During busy nights at the center and during events we cut off traffic on Waverly Walk Ave in front of The Terrace and hotel.
8Is there public transportation to Waverly?
There is a CATS stop on Village Way by Mattress Firm at Waverly.
9Where should hotel guests staying at the Hilton Garden Inn park?
Guests of the Hilton Garden Inn are welcome to park in the Parking Deck located behind the hotel.
10Where is the best place to park at Waverly?
Waverly is a walkable community. Park once while you dine and shop anywhere within the center.
11Are there crosswalks to get across Providence Road to and from Waverly?
Yes, there are pedestrian crosswalks at both Ardrey Kell and Golf Links intersections.